This is the 2nd year of our Made to Make a Difference Project. But this is the first year that we've included a slide show piece to the project. Originally, teachers had planned on a video project--a public service announcement-type video. But as we thought about our goals for students, we decided a slide show would better serve our goals.

We looked at IGNITE, PECHAKUCHA and ENCIENDA which are all very similar in format--a certain number of slides that automatically advance every 15-20 seconds. These are all authentic projects-used in the real world.

We decided on the genre of IGNITE presentations for several reasons. Our students were comfortable with KEYNOTE software, but we were finding that many of the projects in Keynote were bulleted slides that were pretty much merely reports in a new format. We felt that understanding the power of images and the craft of a presentation were important skills that students could carry with them, no matter what they would create in the future. We realized that although we asked kids to use Keynote to create presentations, most of our students had never seen a slide show presentation.

So, we began by looking at a few samples of Ignites/PechaKucha so that students could get a sense of what they'd be creating. We tried to find a good sampling of topics, types of visuals used in slides, presentation style, etc. We wanted students to see the limitations of the format as well as the possibilities that made each unique.

We chose four presentations to view and to study from a craft perspective:

We also watched a Pecha Kucha on Clowns Without Borders that can be viewed on the Pecha Kucha site.