Standards across curriculum areas were met with this project. Below are standards that were included in this project.

Language Arts- Research indicators
I can identify a topic and questions for research and develop a plan for gathering information.

I can locate sources and collect relevant information from multiple sources (online databases, electronic resources, and Internet-based resources).
I can use a variety of communication techniques, including oral, visual, or multimedia reports to present information gathered.

Language Arts- Communications indicators
I can select language appropriate to purpose and audience.
I can use clear diction and tone, and adjust volume and tempo to stress important ideas.
I can deliver informational presentations that present ideas in a logical sequence and maintain a clear focus.
I can include relevant facts, details, examples, quotations, statistics, and stories to clarify and explain information.
I can organize information to include a clear introduction, body and conclusion.

Social Studies- Economics indicators

I can identify the resources and opportunity costs needed to produce a good or service.
I can identify opportunity cost (choices) for those resources involved.
I can define entrepreneur.
I can explain how an entrepreneur takes risks in organizing resources to produce goods and services to make profits.
I can define markets as it relates to economics.

Social Studies- Citizenship rights and responsibilities indicators

I can explain ways to participate in civic and service organizations that promote the common good.
I can explain how performing voluntary service promotes the common good.
I can explain how leadership and public service are important to our government.
Social Studies- Skills and Methods indicators

I can obtain accurate and relevant information about Ohio’s past and present from a variety of resources for a research topic: atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary, newspaper, multimedia/electronic sources, glossary, index, and primary sources.
I can use problem-solving to: identify a problem, gather information, list and consider options, consider advantages/disadvantages of options, choose a solution, judge effectiveness.