We each had our own personal process for creating our Ignite presentation. However, there were tools that we used that helped many of us. We began our work with a Big Plan--thinking about how the 15 slides would work together and progress to give our message. Then we started to think about individual slides in clusters--finding images that were powerful and creating scripts to share our information. Since each slide was to last for 15 minutes, we used an online timer to check our time as we drafted. Once we finished our draft, we practiced in front of friends and listened to their feedback. Sometimes we recorded and made revisions based on the changes we noticed needed to be made. It was a long process but each step helped us share our message.

Students worked on scripts for each slide and put these in order. This is a tool many students used for this step.
Students timed their scripts to make sure each slide was 15 seconds each.
Some students created wordles for their slideshow. The Wordles summarized important points about their cause.

Students used their "big picture" plan sheets to think through their messages.
Students gave feedback to each other about their presentations before final recording sessions.
After recording, students watched other students' presentation and left notes for them.